"Staff are incredible can’t do enough and very friendly! Recently had a root canal and it couldn’t have gone any better! No pain! Very professional! (It’s not true what they say (painful) when it’s done here) lucky to have this as my dentist!! Thanks guys!! “– Sam Quinell

“The amazing team at Isca dental made my smile wedding ready! Everyone commented on how amazing my teeth looked from the Invisalign treatment and the daily whitening gels I was using! It’s a good job because I didn’t stop smiling all day!!!!! Thank you to all the amazing team! I can’t thank you enough xxx” – Hannah Thomas

• "If anyone is nervous about the dentist, Isca dental can help. I have a condition that makes my heart beat fast and I get reactions to medications. Following a check-up with Dr Justin Roberts, I needed a filling replaced, I’d been putting it off for years. He used a different anaesthetic agent and I had no pain and no reaction. The whole team make you feel welcome and relaxed/ nothing is too much trouble. So, if you're putting off going to the dentist for any reason, Isca dental is the place to go. “– Helen Williams

“Thank you to Justin, Nicola and the rest of the Isca Dental team I am now 2 weeks away from my wedding with a complete and white smile, I'm thrilled to show off. The customer service, empathy and level of professionalism from the Isca family is second to none and I fully recommend Justin and his team to anyone who suffers from the lack of confidence an incomplete smile creates.” -Euiain Herring

“So, after 3 days of sore gums thinking I had brushed too hard the pain was excruciating. I walked in to the surgery at 8.30am, spoke to the girls who managed to slot me in for an appointment 9.30am. By 9.15 I was in the care of Justin only to find I had actually snapped a tooth "Again". By 9.30am the tooth was out, abscess drained and Christmas is now back on track. The staff here are just so kind, understanding and do literally anything they can to care for you. Thank you so much guys and to the dentist who worked around my sobbing and crying - you are a star x x x x”. - Alexandria Masters.

“Such a great practice! Even though I've moved away from Newport I still come back here because other practices just aren't as reliable. Reception staff and nurses are all super friendly, accommodating and organised. Just had an extraction with Justin - I was so scared but he put me at ease straight away, re-assuring, calm, clearly mega experienced. And I genuinely didn't even feel the local anaesthetic injections let alone the actual tooth extraction - very impressed. If you're scared of the dentist then Justin is your man! Thanks everyone.” – Lulu Rashid.

“Thanks to Justin and the team for the fantastic work that has been done to my teeth. Not only has Justin fixed my teeth but he has given me a massive confidence boost. The bridge that has been fitted is absolutely fantastic, I am very pleased with how it looks and how it feels you would never know it was a replacement tooth. Rest ashore if you need any dental treatment you will be made to feel very relaxed at Isca dental. Justin is the best dentist that has ever treated me, without a doubt. I wish him and the team all the best in the future and will be back for my checkup in three months’ time. Thanks to all, see you soon.!” - Andrew Morgan

“Absolutely painless procedure, by a top professional team of lovely people who have attended to me for about eighteen years. Thank you.” – Keith Davies

“Incredible service and attention to detail. They really care about their patients and the staff were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.” – Peter James Morgan

“Thanks to Justin & all the team at Isca. I'm always very anxious about dental work so even after moving to London 3 years ago I still come back to the practise for all my treatment and check-ups as they make me feel so comfortable.” - Charlotte Emily Field.

“Justin completely transformed my smile with a couple of veneers, I absolutely love them! Amazing service from all the team (they really couldn't do enough) and a very happy me just in time for Christmas! Best investment I ever made!! Thank you all again.” – Belle Smith

“I've been going to ISCA dental since I was about 3/4 years old, I'm now 29 and would never change dentists. There have obviously been a few changes over the years but they always provide excellent care. I have never been afraid of going to the dentist which I put down to the quality of care, friendliness of staff and professionalism of ISCA dental.” – Carolyn Louise Pearse

“There are no words accept Justin changed me from refusing to go to a dentist as I was petrified for 10 years plus (I only went as I had no option my tooth needed to come out - I fought it for months but had to give in) from that very first day Justin made me feel at ease, in his first meeting with me he conquered my 2 lifelong fears of dentists and needles! Justin is humble and very genuine I've been paranoid my teeth are bad and this hurts and that hurts there must be something wrong, I need this doing and that tooth out etc. Justin found the problem, it was nothing, told me what it was, showed me on my X-rays, explained it clearly, and how to minimise it, and sent me packing! If you knew me the hygienist was an absolutely no go as this isn't with Justin but it's about time I put my faith where my thoughts are, so appointment booked and YES I will be going. I cannot thank Justin and his team enough. You won't be disappointed.” – KL Carter